Meeting tonight! come one, come all! 7:30 pm, Central Methodist church!


NMD Blanket and Sock Drive

Help end death and suffering in the Arizona desert by offering aid with blankets and socks.

Migrants crossing the U.S./Mexico border face harsh conditions not only in the summertime but also during the cold season. Blankets fight the cold; socks help ensure blisters and foot injuries don’t result in unnecessary death.

We call for clean blankets and socks to help ensure the survival of the many individuals and families making the perilous journey here.

Drop off these items at Fair Trade Cafe in Phoenix off 1st Ave and Roosevelt by Friday, January 27th.

1020 N 1st Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85003

NMD Bike Drive- Feb. 11

Join us Saturday, Feb 11th for the first ever Rusty Spoke/No More Deaths-Phoenix Mountain Bike Drive!

We need anyone and everyone to come to this event. Activities planned include the assemblage of dehydration prevention kits and a letter-writing campaign to those suffering in detention centers.

In addition, on this day you can:

Drop off completed mountain bikes (rusty, shiny, well-loved, used-once – we want them all!)

Drop off frames and bike parts for the building of mountain bikes (unused parts will be donated to the spoke!)

Drop off money for construction/purchase of mountain bikes

Help build mountain bikes

Drop off other essentials for desert aid:

pop-top cans of food
blister care med items
gallon waters

Come to a No More Deaths meeting and get the scoop. We meet every Tuesday, 7:30pm at Central United Methodist Church – 1875 N Central Ave. Or e-mail